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Dental Care


Prevent and alleviate human suffering wherever, by the use of available knowledge and transfer to local health professionals. Actually help those people with good instructions and materials at the local level, so that the result is greater than the sum of its parts.

The teeth of young children, especially in difficult accessible areas, are generally not in good condition. The growing trend is the worsening of the teeth of these children because there are increasingly eating candy and there is insufficiently cleaning. By transferring available knowledge to local health workers, awareness and preventive maintenance become realistic options. People will actually be helped by inspiring them with good instructions and materials at the local level. More teeth will stay healthy and continue in this way.The results of recent years with an intensive collaboration between medical specialists, medical providers, practitioners in the field, young engineers, enthusiastic designers and engineers has resulted in the development of a lightweight and mobile treatment table for dental treatments. MedicalMateĀ® wants to realise that care becomes accessible to anyone worldwide. Therefore MedicalMateĀ® is developing specific tools. By maximizing the needs of users, an optimal product will be the result. A product that is efficient in both technology and in the field of ergonomics. The ambition will make it possible to provide lightweight and mobile tools so that care can be used anywhere.


As from 2008 MedicaMate provides the Medical Mission Suriname [MZ/PHCS] with mobile treatment tables for dental care.


Africa needs mobile medical devices such as MedicalMate.