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MedicalMate DT


MedicalMate-DT can provide worldwide dental care, thanks to the fit-for-use properties . The treatment table can take a bump and is compact . It is lightweight, easily portable and operable as well. A simple design that is ready for operations within 10 sec. A treatment table which is easy to clean under all circumstances and to keep even with alcohol .

MedicalMate-DT is designed for mobile dental care in vast areas on multiple drives and join BPOC of the WHO-CC. The treatment table is a portable workstation that is quick and easy to clean and maintain with simple means. Furthermore, it is a lightweight compact mobile workstation that can be used anywhere and that there was not so far. It is a stable robust mobile workstation with a stable position of the patient a comfortable posture for the practitioner. MedicalMate-DT allows to set opportunities, to realize contemporary (Western) healthcare, responsible and alert into rural areas where opportunities are limited.


As from 2008 MedicaMate provides the Medical Mission Suriname [MZ/PHCS] with mobile treatment tables for dental care.


Africa needs mobile medical devices such as MedicalMate.