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Product development is a gradual process that relates to the use of care facilities at the base of the pyramid; Open to local initiatives, stimulating them and showing great respect for local culture and traditions, innovation is key. MedicalMateĀ® product development will come with a modest number of resources and tools that led allow different forms of mobile healthcare. The MedicalMateĀ® treatment table is the middle of all development.

MedicalMateĀ® product development is organised in and around the lightweight mobile treatment spot. The practitioner and the local situation are the central factors. The mobile treatment site shows commitment and makes it possible to optimize working methods and by comparing those treatments can be improved.


As from 2008 MedicaMate provides the Medical Mission Suriname [MZ/PHCS] with mobile treatment tables for dental care.


Africa needs mobile medical devices such as MedicalMate.