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The first MedicalMateĀ® is used in the Gambia in 2011. The ease of handling gave such a boost to the effectiveness of the treatment and comfort of the practitioner that the next MedicalMateĀ® is set to use.

With Dental Health Foundation The Gambia Harry and Nelleke Hover provide mobile dental care on short missions for 2 weeks with a frequency of 2x to 3x per year. Accessibility is achieved by traveling to the local population by utilizing locally hired transport. The dental status of the patients is extremely poor. With a mixed composed team, free dental emergency is provided. Unfortunately, this assistance often is to extract heavily affected teeth.


As from 2008 MedicaMate provides the Medical Mission Suriname [MZ/PHCS] with mobile treatment tables for dental care.


Africa needs mobile medical devices such as MedicalMate.