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Together with SAMmedic foundation, MedicalMate® products are used to make accessible care possible in Mozambique.

SAMmedic foundation together with MedicalMate® are providing accessible care in Mozambique. Pim and Willemijn de Lijster live and work in Mozambique and are involved in the project MOZMED. Pim was offered a MedicalMate® treatment table in 2010. This table is mainly used for dental care by Ida Regina Thomaz de Carvalho. By partnering with Missão Bethesda, a locally based non-governmental organization (NGO) with its roots in Brazil, and Mission Aviation Fellowship care is supported effectively.


As from 2008 MedicaMate provides the Medical Mission Suriname [MZ/PHCS] with mobile treatment tables for dental care.


Africa needs mobile medical devices such as MedicalMate.